let’s pompom!

you looking at my pompoms?

We decided to start this little business based on a feeling we wanted to create: craft, tea, music and community.

It was the feeling we got when our grandparents first put knitting needles in our hands, it was the feeling we got when we finished our first scarf, it was the feeling of a hot drink after a freezing cold walk, it was the feeling we got when we first lost ourselves in the throbbing rhythm of the massive speakers at a gig; the feeling of escapism, of relaxation, of joy, of being blissfully in the moment.

We honestly believed that doing craft with other humans, IRL, could bring about the same feelings, so when we got the opportunity to do a short residency at Margate Art gallery, we jumped at the chance to test out our hunch.

Let’s pompom, our first ever event, is now well under way (we’ve done three of the five weekends in our March pop-up) and we’re thrilled to report that, despite gale-force winds and horrendous traffic that meant we opened two hours late last weekend, everyone who’s come seems to have gone away smiling (check out the photos above, or our Instagram if you don’t believe us)!

It has been absolutely wonderful to meet the people of Thanet sitting around the gallery’s round table. Spinning yarns while winding yarns, sipping tea, we’ve shared stories, songs and lots, lots of laughter.

We’ve also been selling our pompomy wares; check out some of them above! Pompom earrings, necklaces, rings, decorations, garlands, socks, pens, hatpins, badges, keyrings – unique Bee and Gee gifts that are handmade with love, in Margate.

Your mum could be the proud owner of a lovingly made pompom necklace!

Whatever your reason for coming, please do join in! Don’t hesitate to email/phone if you have any questions. There is no limit when it comes to age (although under-fours may struggle), we’ve had older adults come by themselves, middle aged friends in groups, lone crafters looking for kindred spirits, and parents with children – when it comes to craft with Bee and Gee, everyone’s welcome!

Please do come see us on the weekends of the 23/24 and 30/31st of March, between 11am and 5pm. Make Easter gifts and Mother’s Day gifts – you could even bring your mum as a great Mothering Sunday activity!